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We are a family owned and operated retail alcoholic beverage store serving the Easthampton area for over 30 years. Although we are not a large chain store, we do our very best to stock the finest wines, spirits, and beers in a wide variety of brands. Our customers are of the utmost importance to us, and so we strive to deliver the very best service possible while keeping our prices competitive. We feature an excellent variety of domestic wines from New England to the West Coast, as well as imported Italian, French, South American, Australian and German wines. We also offer a 10% discount on the purchase of a twelve bottle case, even if you select 12 different wines. Our inventory of beers has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, especially with the exciting new micro-breweries which have increased amazingly in popularity. We stock  many domestic and imported beers. All are available in a variety of sizes and packages. And, of course, we offer all the most popular brands of imported and domestic spirits, including the newest ready-mixed drinks. If you'd rather mix your own, we carry a good variety of soft drinks and bartenders' mixers, bitters, grenadine, lime juice, olives and onions. Stop in and say hello today! We're located at 328-330 Main Street in Easthampton. We'd be delighted to see you!


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Safe Roads...Everyone's Business

Join the Safe Roads Program in alerting everyone to the dangers of driving when impaired.  Keep our streets and roads safe for everyone, every day of the year. Remember those killed needlessly by speeders, aggressive drivers, impaired drivers, and others who make our roads dangerous. Don't drink and drive. Don't be a statistic.  It doesn't always happen to the other guy...the next victim could be you or someone you love.

For tips on hosting safe parties or picnics, and for non-alcoholic beverage recipes, click here. For information on how to spot someone driving drunk and what to do about it, click here.


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Picture of cooks.Try out some of the tasty recipes on our recipe page....  


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Here are a few sites which might be of interest, featuring some of the products we carry: Wine Related Sites and Beer Related Sites.


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